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Accounting Degree

An Accounting Degree is offered by schools as three basic types: an associate, bachelor and master’s degrees. The difference in each, as with other degree programs, lies in the coursework, with the associate degree teaching you the basics, the bachelor’s degree giving you a comprehensive education in accounting and the master’s degree teaching an advanced and intensive scope of the accounting field. All types of accounting degrees may be completed in a campus education set-up; if you are otherwise not physically available for on-campus settings, you may take it as an online degree.

A typical workday of an accountant involves analyzing and verifying financial data, producing accurate and truthful financial records to the government, computing proper taxes and submitting their outcome to the company management. An accountant’s job is critical to the success of the company, as top management make major business decisions based in a big part on their findings.

Aside from the courses that comprise a degree in accounting, graduates should have a good grasp of standard accounting software and be updated with newly developed applications since financial reports are presented in these format. A significant personal trait that accountants must possess is ethics and the highest level of integrity, since accounting can be a fluid field if you are not morally strong enough.

Federal agencies and most state and private companies prefer a bachelor’s degree in accounting even for entry-level positions. However, an associate degree can get you jobs as payroll clerks, accounts receivables clerks and assistants to auditors. It can also be your pathway to a baccalaureate, then on to a master’s degree and a PhD.

According to the BLS, as of May 2010, accountants and auditors earn an annual salary of $38,940 for the lowest 10 percent to $106,880 for the highest 10 percent. Factors that influence salaries are type of Accounting Degree, size of company and positions held.