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Art & Design Degree

The Art and Design field is an extremely broad discipline with a boundless number of degree programs. No matter what form of artistic expression you are interested in, there is an Art and Design degree that will allow you to turn your creative talents into an exciting and rewarding career.

Artists use all sorts of methods and materials to create and design products that appeal to a consumer's senses. Whether it is the use of paint or photography to create an eye-catching wall display or the use of a computer program to animate a commercial, a degree in Art and Design will give you the skills and knowledge needed to extend your talents and make a career out of doing what you love.

Art and Design degrees are available at every educational level from an Associate's Degree to a Master's Degree. All you need to do is decide which area most interests you and what type of career you want to pursue. Like to use your hands? Consider a degree in sculpture or painting. Maybe you'd rather use the latest in design technology. Then a computer animation or graphic design degree might suit you. Do you have an eye for trends? Why not try a design degree in fashion or interior design. Check out more Art and Design degrees to find which is best for you.