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Culinary Arts Degree

An essential precondition to taking up a Culinary Arts Degree is a fervent desire for preparing food and working in the kitchen. Yet graduates of this course will learn so much more. Aside from the artistic bent in food preparation, culinary arts integrates science into its curriculum so that chefs and restaurant owners practice their craft using their innate talents and scientific methods.

Coursework for a degree in culinary arts includes food preparation and presentation, types of cuisine, nutrition and dietetics, food hygiene and sanitation, menu planning, customer care and the restaurant business operations. A program to look for is one which includes hands-on training with professional chefs and opportunities to try out new methods in cooking and presentation under the supervision of experienced teachers.

The skills gained in a Culinary Arts Degree consist of knowing the techniques of using knife and other kitchen equipments, the various styles and methods of cooking, choosing and buying ingredients, creating menus and non-culinary skills such as restaurant operations, cost control and hospitality management.

A degree in the culinary arts program will offer employment as chefs, restaurant managers, food sales, culinary instructors and other jobs in the food industry. Working as a chef may be in diverse environments, from small pubs to large restaurants, hotels, in-flight kitchens, resorts and catering businesses. Quite a few realize their dream of putting up their own restaurants.

Salaries have a very broad range, and factors affecting salaries include the type of establishment and its clientele, location and the chef’s expertise and experience. Many people employed in the food and culinary industry are hired based on their experience alone. Getting a Culinary Arts Degree gives its graduates an advantage over their counterparts who do not have the same formal education. A course in culinary arts is available as an online degree or a campus education. Both may have tie-ups with dining establishments or their own laboratories for the practicum.