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Education Degree

It has oft been said that teaching is the noblest profession. Certainly, it takes a passion for teaching and molding young minds to study for an Education Degree as this program is not known to give its graduates a lucrative job.

A degree in education, whether it is earned as an online degree or taken as a campus education, is the basic program requirement to work as a teacher in the elementary, middle school and high school levels. Graduates who enter the teaching profession can teach a variety of subjects in any of these levels. They can handle literature, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, religion and the arts. They can teach their students skills and develop innate talents in music and sports.

The core courses for an Education Degree include the principles of teaching and learning, the methods of teaching in the different subjects, child and teen psychology, and focus on certain areas, depending on the students’ chosen specialization. Seminar and field experience, and practicum in classrooms are an essential part of the degree.

As teachers, graduates of an Education Degree must have excellent communication and interpersonal relationship skills to deal with students of varying ages, cultures and emotional and social backgrounds. They will learn counseling skills, planning, leadership and evaluation skills.

However, not all graduates of a degree in education end up as teachers. There are other employment opportunities open to them, such as administrative positions in the academe. These are higher levels in management and most require a master’s or doctorate degree. Work includes policymaking and student development programs.

Although there will always be a demand for teachers, this is not a lucrative profession. Salaries have risen but the mean annual wage remains in the range of $54,000 with a range of as low as $30,970 to a high of $80,970.