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Engineering Degree

When you decide to pursue a degree in Engineering the possibilities for a career are endless. Engineering degrees offer one of the largest numbers of specialty areas to choose from of almost any other degree program. You could major in an area that allows you to design and build very small things such as computer chips to very large things such as buildings or highway systems.

Most Engineering Degrees are built on the foundations of math and science. These skills are applied to creating, designing, building, or maintaining machines, devices, or structures that help make some aspect of life easier and more efficient. Computer Engineers discover new ways to build computers to make them smaller but with more power. Civil Engineers design roadways and sewer systems used in new housing developments. You could even be a Biomedical Engineer who helps create tools and methods used in medical practices.

Whatever area of Engineering you choose there are degrees offered at every level from an Associate's Degree to a Doctorate Degree. Most career paths will require you to have at least a Bachelor's Degree if you want to be part of the designing and building process, while an Associate's Degree will provide entry-level opportunities. You will also be able to choose between a campus education or an online Engineering Degree program.

Read more about these individual Engineering Degree specialty areas to learn about their requirements and coursework.