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If you have a question about your college education that was not addressed in DegreeDB please visit one of these links for more information. Many of these sites can provide answers that may be more specific to other areas of obtaining a college degree such as financial aid or foreign studies. These authoritative sites will give you the unbiased facts you need to make decisions and take the next step to obtaining your college degree and starting your desired career.

US Department of Education

  • The United State Department of Education provides a wealth of information about public education in America, including everything you need to know about postsecondary education and college. You can compare public universities, find information on how to obtain student loans, or receive advice on some of the best degrees needed to pursue certain career fields.

US Department of State

  • This is the official site of the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs. The Bureau sponsors centers around the country that are designed to advise students from other countries and within the United States on how to make the best decisions for a college education. They provide comprehensive and impartial information about degree programs and choosing the best private or public university to meet personal needs.

College Board

  • College Board is an institution that provides programs and information to high schools, students, and parents in order to ensure that every individual in the U.S. is given the opportunity to advance their education. They point people in the right direction concerning financial aid, college planning, and even applying to the correct college or university.