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When it comes to choosing an online school, the task can be almost as difficult as actually choosing a college degree. That's why DegreeDB.com brings you this extensive database of online schools that offer both online degrees and campus programs, or a combination of the two. As online degrees and distance learning gain popularity, the number of online schools and programs is also growing. So no matter what level of degree: Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's, or what type of degree you are interested in: Business, Art, Computer Science etc., there is an online school that will fit virtually everyone's needs.

Degree DB has organized their comprehensive database in a user friendly way that allows you to search online schools by name or you can search for specific degrees areas such as engineering, accounting, or education to find schools offering those degrees at a variety  of levels either online or as a campus program. We will also be offering suggestions for top recommended schools and schools that are accredited as an online college or university.



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